Commercial Plotters Plotters available for sale

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AxiDraw Simple, modern, and precise pen plotters. Use Coupon "PENPLOT" to get 10% off any order. Go
Makelangelo 5 Makelangelo 5 is a beautiful picture drawing robot. The Makelangelo can draw up to A1 sized pictures on a window, whiteboard, or easel with Sharpie or dry-erase markers. https://www.marginal... Go
Line-us Line-us is an portable internet connected robot drawing arm. https://www.line-us.... Go
Makeblock XY Plotter XY Plotter Robot Kit is a drawing robot that can move a pen or other instrument to draw digital artwork on flat surface https://www.makebloc... Go

DIY plotters and projects 3D printed, laser cut, or other home-made machines for drawing

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Open source turtle robot Open source turtle robot made with 3D printed materials and some circuits https://www.thingive... Go
ExtruDraw Extrusion-based Plotter A plotter/drawing machine that uses 20x40mm and 20x20mm aluminium extrusion for both structure and linear guides. https://www.thingive... Go
DIY Drawing Robot 3D printed Drawing robot. It is powered by an Arduino Uno controller, uses a CNC Shield, and GRBL firmware. The approximate cost to build this drawing robot is $100. https://www.thingive... Go
Unofficial archive of plotters In this forum post you will find a roundup of plotters and drawing robots from around the world. http://www.polargrap... Go
MidTBot Very small DIY plotter that you can 3D print and put together. Go

Community Where the party's at

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A huge list of resources A list like this one (an inspiration) Go
Subreddit For Plotter Art Subreddit For Plotter Art https://www.reddit.c... Go
DrawingBots Twitter Twitter account for Plotter enthusiasts (coming soon) Go
DrawingBots Discord A place to talk about drawing robots and challenges https://discordapp.c... Go
DrawingBots Facebook A place to chat about drawing robots, share designs, links, etc https://www.facebook... Go

GCode Generators SVG to GCode generators

Title Description URL View
openjscam TPLang (with modifications) -> G-Code in pure JavaScript Go
Halftoner and Reactor Two interesting free software packages (Windows only) https://jasondorie.c... Go Converts text to postcards and written gcode Go
gcodeplot Converter for SVG and HPGL to gcode for a 3-axis GCode machine Go
HTML Canvas to gcode Draw in canvas with javascript and export a gcode file Go

SVG Generators Tools that produce SVG files

Title Description URL View
Patternodes A tool for creating graphical vector patterns, animations or illustrations using a node-based interface where you define a sequence of connected nodes that describe the design, each representing graphical elements, changes or repetitions. https://www.lostmind... Go
Differential Growth Experiments Series of visual experiments in JavaScript exploring the topic of differential growth as a method for generating interesting 2D forms Go
WaveFormer Turns audio recordings into a drawing Go
Letters with QuickDraw SVGs and designs made with QuickDraw dataset Go
TemplateMaker Create designs for unique boxes, custom enclosures. Can be used with LaserCutting https://templatemake... Go
InkRays Circular designs generator Go
MakerJS JavaScript library for creating and sharing modular line drawings for CNC Go
Medieval City Generator Generates maps of imaginary medieval cities https://watabou.itch... Go
Map path generator Generates maps of the world https://pixelmap.amc... Go
Mandala Generator Creates Mandala designs http://mandalacreato... Go
Spiral Generator Generates Spirals with noise https://www.openproc... Go
Moire Patterns Some Moire patterns made with D3 Go
SVGUrt A few tools for creative image -> SVG conversion Go
Curved Polygons Generates Curved polygons Go
Delaunay Triangulator Image 2 Delaunay triangulation https://snorpey.gith... Go
Ln (3D line art engine) 3D Line Art Engine Go
CanvasSketch A framework for making generative artwork in JavaScript and the browser. Go
SquiggleDraw Processing app to create an SVG based on the brightness of an image transformed into sine waves. Go
SquiggleCam Browser tool for fast image -> squiggle drawing conversion https://msurguy.gith... Go
StippleGen Software that can create stipple drawings and “TSP art,” from image files Go
PenKit Tools for pen plotting in Python Go
Image 2 Hilbert Upload an image to generate a single line (Hilbert Curve) representation of it https://shooshx.gith... Go
Vectorizer A different kind of Spirograph http://blackholedesi... Go
Spirograph Spirograph made with Processing Go
MazeGenerator Creates SVGs of Mazes http://www.mazegener... Go
Kolam Generator Generates Kolam artworks https://www.openproc... Go
AsciiArt Image to ASCII generator Go
SpiralRaster Image to Spiral Raster generator Go
Generative Artworks Some generative art generators made with Processing Go
City Generator Makes imaginary cities that look hand-drawn https://www.openproc... Go
Turtletoy Website where your can create SVG's using a minimalistic Turtle graphics API Go
Juicy GCode Haskell tool for SVG 2 GCode conversion Go
SVGPath Transforms SVG Path Transformation library Go
Scribble Generator Drawbot_image_to_gcode_v2 Go
Circuit generator in 35c3 style Generative circuit generator in 35c3 style by Bleeptrack https://35c3.bleeptr... Go
Flower Generator Flower Generator from Bleeptrack https://blptrck.uber... Go
Linedraw Convert images to vectorized line drawings for plotters. Go
Scribbleplot Processing scripts to create different plottable versions of images Go
DullBits Drawbot Generates scribbly g-code from images Go
LumberSharp Stylized 3d scene to SVG conversion for plotting, inspired by Escher's woodcuts. Go
StippleGen (OSX port) A port of Evil Mad Scientist's StippleGen Processing app to full desktop Java Go
Mandala-esque Generator A Web Based tool for making of mandala-esque plotter pieces https://jan.jarfalk.... Go
ttf2hershey This tool converts the common True Type Font (.ttf) files to Hershey font format Go
Halftoner and Reactor Two interesting free software packages (Windows only) https://jasondorie.c... Go
Processing Boilerplate Processing Boilerplate with Gcode Export Go
Tinkersynth Virtual machine to generate cool art and download SVGs. It lets you create unique generative art by making serendipitous discoveries through experimentation. https://tinkersynth.... Go
WEIR A System for Making Generative Systems from @inconvergent Go
VPype The Swiss Army knife of vector graphics for pen plotters Go
fawkes This package provides an R API to control the AxiDraw pen plotter Go
Peak Map Make a ridge line chart from any region on Earth https://anvaka.githu... Go
Sandify SVG and GCode generator for single line drawings Go

Algorithms R&D and innovations for drawing robots

Title Description URL View
TSP Solver TSP Solver algorithm for optimizing pen travel https://bitaesthetic... Go
SVG2Gcode (Python) Python tool for converting SVG to GCode Go
SVG2Gcode (Python) Another SVG2GCode conversion tool Go
Centerline Tracing Tutorial Tutorial on making line artworks http://cleversomeday... Go
Penkit Optimizer Command-line tool for optimizing and visualizing the drawing order of SVG graphics for pen plotting. Go
SimplifyJS JS script for simplification of SVG lines http://mourner.githu... Go
PX2SVG Converts raster images to SVG, using color-run optimization. Go
FEngrave F-Engrave is a text or image to g-code program http://www.scorchwor... Go
Scribbleplot Processing scripts to create different plottable versions of images Go
DullBits Drawbot Generates scribbly g-code from images Go
Line Clipping Algorithm The Cohen-Sutherland Line Clipping Algorithm Go
Medial (and Scale) Axis Transform library Medial (and Scale) Axis Transform library - SVG focused Go
Article about Generative art and plotters On fine art and generative line drawings https://www.tandfonl... Go
Algorithm for tiling of polygons A technique for tiling the plane with regular polygons https://observablehq... Go
Skeleton Tracing A new algorithm for retrieving topological skeleton as a set of polylines from binary images Go

Supplies Pens, inks, papers

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Exact Vellum Bristol, 11" x 17", 67 lb/145 gsm, White Exact Vellum Bristol, 11" x 17", 67 lb/145 gsm, White, 94 Brightness, 250 Sheets (80213) Go

Plotter Control Software Software Solutions for controlling drawing robots

Title Description URL View
AxiDrawJS "A complete solution for controlling AxiDraw via local server and browser application Comes with generators for a map, terrain and Lorenz attractor" Go
Axi Unofficial driver software for AxiDraw Go
saxi saxi is a tool for interacting with the AxiDraw drawing machine by Evil Mad Scientist. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and is exactingly precise. Go
Processing Boilerplate with Gcode Export I had written up this Processing boilerplate for generating Gcode for my cheap chinese plotter based on GRBL. Go
Makelangelo Software Makelangelo software that provides a beautiful, intuitive interface to drive your polargraph drawing robot Go
Processing Boilerplate Processing Boilerplate with Gcode Export Go
fawkes This package provides an R API to control the AxiDraw pen plotter Go

Data for design generation Collections and repositories of designs or data that can be used for making designs for plotting

Title Description URL View
TheDoodleLibrary Some line drawings as SVGs https://www.thedoodl... Go
Geometric artworks 3D prints that could be converted to SVGs https://www.thingive... Go
Circuit Board designs Circuit board designs can be drawn with plotters Go
Icons for maps Various open source map icons Go
TheNounProject Millions of vector icons https://thenounproje... Go
Single Line Fonts Fonts that are working well for plotters, drawing robots and laser engraving http://www.imajeenyu... Go
Some free DXF designs Lots and lots of ready to plot vector designs https://www.scan2cad... Go
Dimensions.Guide Dimensions.Guide is a comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. Go
ttf2hershey This tool converts the common True Type Font (.ttf) files to Hershey font format Go

Articles Magazines, Writings and articles about pen plotters

Title Description URL View
24 Plotter Comparison of 1994 Article Comparing specs and prices of 24 plotters Go
From Lettering Guides to CNC Plotter A Brief History of Technical Lettering Tools https://www.typotheq... Go