commercial desktop plotter


Precision Construction: Each NextDraw™ plotter boasts a sturdy aluminum construction, ensuring durability and precision in every plot.

Versatile Sizes: Choose from three different models, each offering a unique plot area to suit various needs:

  • NextDraw™ 8511: Featuring an 8.5x11" drawing area, this compact plotter is perfect for standard paper sizes and offers significant speed improvements, auto-homing features, and a variety of compatible drawing instruments.
  • NextDraw™ 1117: With an 11x17" drawing area, this model strikes a balance between plottable area and machine size, ideal for medium-format projects. It shares the advanced features of its smaller sibling and includes enhancements like a machined aluminum central beam for increased stability.
  • NextDraw™ 2234: The largest in the series, this plotter offers a spacious 22x34" drawing area, catering to professional artists and large-scale projects. Its robust construction and advanced features make it a standout choice for those seeking impressive-sized pen plots.

Key Highlights: 

  • Brushless Pen Lift Mechanism: All NextDraw™ plotters feature a brushless pen lift mechanism, enabling users to utilize a wide range of writing implements with ease.
  • User-Friendly Software: Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, the NextDraw™ software, originally developed by Evil Mad Scientist and tailored for Inkscape, offers a seamless plotting experience. Advanced API features are also available for custom applications.

What's in the Box: 

Each NextDraw™ plotter comes fully assembled and tested, ready for immediate use. Additionally, the package includes essential accessories such as a power supply, USB cable, standard pen clip, spring kit for pen pressure adjustment, and basic tools for maintenance.


  • Performance: With native XY resolution of 2032 steps per inch and maximum XY travel speed of 15 inches per second, NextDraw™ plotters deliver exceptional performance and reproducibility.
  • Physical Attributes: Designed to hold pens and drawing instruments up to 5/8" in diameter, the plotters feature compact footprints and sturdy constructions, ensuring reliability and ease of use.

Manufactured in New York, FCC certified, and backed by extensive documentation and customer support, the Bantam Tools NextDraw™ series sets a new standard in precision plotters. NextDraw is a trademark of Bantam Tools.

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