commercial wall plotter dry erase board


Joto is a wifi connected whiteboard that draws with a pen. Send drawings to your walls or turn your home into an ever-changing gallery.

Hang Joto in the kitchen and it’s a family to-do-list. Pop it up in a cafe and it's an updatable menu. Or use it in the workplace and it’s a nifty noticeboard. Joto is easy to update, simply use the official mobile app and you can choose different content throughout the day to suit your mood. Joto has a wipeable surface, and an automatic eraser that allows it to refresh itself at the push of a button.

  • Pen with automatic docking means its always ready to draw
  • Wifi connected so you can send messages to your wall from anywhere in the world
  • iOS and Android app
  • Share your Jots with the rest of the community or access Jots from world renowned illustrators.
  • API and app SDK launching Jan 2021
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